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The Department of Electrical Engineering has a long history which can trace back to the year of 1908 when Tang Wenzhi was director of the school and established the Academy of Electric Machines. Among all the national colleges, SJTU was the first to establish the academy of electric machines.





The Academy of Electric Machines was established(one year for preparation courses and three years for specialized training)


The academy was renamed as Electrical Engineering and Mechanics


Changed the length of schooling from three years to four years


Telecommunication Class of Peking Branch moved to Shanghai and was renamed the discipline of Electric Machines, which included power engineering, wireline telecommunications and wireless telecommunications.


Wireline telecommunications and wireless telecommunications merged as one discipline.


Renamed as the Department of Electric Machines affiliated to the Engineering Academy; Moved to French concessions after 8·13 event.


Enrolled students at Xiao Longkan School in Chong Qing


Xiao Longkan School established telecommunications research institute and enrolled undergraduates of telecommunications. Qualified students would receive master degrees after two years’ study.


Moved back to Shanghai.


Merged abundant resources to form a new department of electric machines of Jiao Tong University. Prescribed department of electric equipment manufacture, power engineering and telecommunications. Schools and departments merged included the Electric Machines Departments of Jiao Tong University, Tong Ji University, Da Tong University, Zheng Dan University , the Telegraph Group of Hu Jiang University, Telecommunications Department of Jiao Tong University, etc.


The length of undergraduate education changed from four years to five years.


The departments of electric equipment manufacture and power engineering launched four years’ graduate programs.


The departments of electric equipment manufacture and power engineering added a branch in Xi’an. Shanghai branch was to be emerged with the newly-constructed Marine Electrical Engineering Department of Shanghai Shipbuilding College and the Electric Machines Department of Nan Yang Science Academy.


The departments of electric equipment manufacture and power engineering in Shanghai emerged. The previous name “Department of Electric Machines” was adopted.


Faculty of the Electric Machines Department and teachers of technological basic courses formed the No.3 Marine Electrical Brigade which included three workshops.


Restored the previous administration and renamed as the Department of Power and Electric Machines. Launched three-year worker-peasant-soldier undergraduate program.


Launched two-year work-peasant-soldier graduate program.


Restored the National Entrance Examination and adopted a four-year undergraduate program.


Relaunched two-and-half-year graduate program; the Electric Machines Department emerged with the Departments of Automation and Computer Science to form the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; the Department of Power Engineering set three majors: Electric Power System, Electric Machines and High Voltage Technology, which were all affiliated to the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.


The Electrical Power School was established. Four departments and a research institute were included, namely Power Engineering, Electric Machines, Information and Control Engineering and Energy Engineering.


The Electrical Power School started to operate.


The Department of Energy Engineering emerged into the School of Mechanical Power. The Departments of Electric Machines and Power Engineering reformed the Department of Electrical Engineering. The School of Electrical Power included the Department of Electric Engineering and the Department of Information and Control Engineering.


The School of Electrical Power and the School of Electronic Information emerged to form SEIEE. (School of Electronic Information and Electrical Power) The School of Electrical Power became the present Department of Electrical Engineering.


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