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SJTU-Alston Scholarship Awarding Ceremony and Academic Presentation
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The awarding ceremony of SJTU-Alston scholarship was held in the SEIEE building of SJTU and was followed by an academic presentation. Participants of the meeting include Naihu Li, Managing Director of Alstom Grid China Technology Center, Huijie Li, the project manager, Nengling Tai, vice Dean of SEIEE, Yifan Yang, Deputy Secretary of the Party, Zheng Yan, Chairman of the department of electrical engineering, Researcher Guojie Li, and the awarded students.

The meeting was hosted by Professor Zheng Yan. Yifan Yang spoke highly of the achievements of the cooperation between SJTU and Alston in fields of scholarship, scientific research, and course teaching. Yun Zhou thanked Alston for their support of students’ education on behalf of the awarded students.

Certification of the scholarship was then given to the students by leaders of SJTU and Alston.

A speech was delivered by Prof. Naihu Li.      

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