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SMEPC Presented “Electric Power and Energy in China” (English Edition) to SJTU
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Jun Feng, general manager of SMEPC, and Yiliang Zhao, Party Chief of SMEPC, went to Shanghai Jiao Tong University and presented the English edition of “Electric Power and Energy in China” written by Zhenya Liu, chairman of State Grid Corporation of China. A letter with Liu’s own signature was presented to Dexiu Ma, Chairperson of the University Council. Participants of the meeting included Yuezeng Su, SEIEE Party Secretary of SJTU, and Shengang Che, vice chief economist of SMEPC.


Feng and Zhao were warmly welcomed by Ma, who said the book was of instructing importance for the special development of China’s electric power. She also showed expectation on the next cooperation of SMEPC with relating departments of SJTU and welcome for Feng’s lecture about smart grid and electric power development at SJTU.

Feng and Zhao said that SJTU has delivered a good number of intelligent students to SMEPC, and they want to have more academic cooperation with SJTU in multiple fields.

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