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Strategic Partnership Symposium Held Between SJTU and WU HU Smart Grid
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The strategic partnership symposium between SJTU and Wu Hu Smart Grid was held in Minhang district of SJTU on the morning of September, 19. Those who attended includes Gao Dengbang, Party Chief of Wu Hu, Chen Shuhai, former Director of No.714 Research Institution Affiliated to China Shipbuilding Industry Corp., Zhang Shijun, Member of Standing Committee of Municipal Committee and Secretary of Wu Hu, Zhang Zhihong, Dean of Regulatory Commissions of Wuhu High-tech Zones, Su Ming, Deputy Secretary of Committee, Wu Dan, Vice President of SJTU and Rao Fangquan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. The symposium was hosted by SEIEE President, Yu Wenxian.




Su Ming welcomed the guests on behalf of the school and hoped that each side could look to the future to promote upgrade of Wuhu industries and better serve economic and social development.







Gao Dengbang introduced the current social and economic development of Wuhu and expressed the willingness to cooperate with SJTU in aspects of smart grid, clean energy and energy-saving. He also hoped to strengthen cooperation and build platform to ensure the transform from research to results.




Each side gave a brief introduction about their own situations. Liu Yan, Vice Standing President of SJTU Research Institutions, introduced the research at SJTU and local institutions; Cai Xu, Associate Standing Dean of State Smart Grid R&D Center, introduced the situation of the center; Li Baifan, Director of Science and Technology Bureau of Ge Jiang District of Wuhu briefed participants the situation in the new high-tech zones of Wuhu; Huang Yun, Director of Robutec Corp., reported situation at Hager Industrial Park.

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