ECLEE Program
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In recent years, with the chance of the ECLEE (European-Chinese Link in Electrical Engineering) Program which is funded by EU, the Dept. of Electrical Engineering of SJTU carried out satisfying joint-cultivation PhD programs and faculty academic exchange programs with PDT (Politecnico di Torino) and TUD (Technische Universitat Darmstadt).


Overall Goal

  1. Estabilish EU-China College Cooperation Network of Electrical Engineering. Unify teaching materials and acknowledge credits. Allow conferring of doctor’s degree in both countries at the same time.
  2. Extend influence of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering of SJTU to the international stage and enhance academic capacity to in turn expand domestic influence and guarantee the successful application of State Key Discipline.
  3. Expand Influence of SJTU to the world stage and allow SJTU become the initiator of the Cooperation Network.


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