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Research Overview
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The Department of Electrical Engineering of SJTU has multidisciplinary advantages and distinctive features in the field of Power System & Its Automation, High Voltage & Insulation Technology, Electric Machines & Control and Power Electronics. With excellent research base and laboratories, it has strong research potentials.


It attaches great importance to fundamental research and multidisciplinary studies and especially underlines the practicality to serve for the national economy. Besides participating in national research projects, it also takes on numerous projects on industrial application of market values. Currently, it is in the leading position of product development and industrialization throughout the country. Listed companies brought by transferring research results include Sieyuan Electric, Co,. Ltd. and Guangdong Weida Co,. Ltd.


The Department of Electrical Engineering of SJTU takes on over 100 research projects concerning 863 Plan and 973 Plan, National Development and Reform Commission, National Science Foundation, Shanghai Science and Technology project and international cooperative projects.


Recently, the discipline of electrical engineering has won a great many awards including two first prizes and two second prizes for National Progress in Science and Technology, one prize of National Inventions, three first prizes and over 20 second prizes at ministerial and provincial level. There are over 90 national patents and over 40 monographs, 2 excellent doctoral dissertations of Shanghai. Papers embodied by SCI, EI and ISTP have significantly increased.

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