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Department Overview
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The department of electrical engineering of SJTU originates from the technical college of electrical engineering in 1908, which is the earliest discipline of electrical engineering in Chinese history.


Electrical engineering is now a key discipline in Shanghai (approved in 1996). It has a first-class-discipline mobile station for postdoctoral research (approved in 1999) which was rated as outstanding nationwide (ranked first) and was given the authority to confer Ph.D. in electrical engineering. The discipline covers the following five sub-disciplines, electric power systems and automation, high voltage and insulation technology, electric machines and electric apparatus, power electronics and power drives and theory and new technology of electrical engineering. All the five sub-disciplines are permitted to grant master and Ph.D. degrees.


The department of electrical engineering also has research centers and labs such as “State Energy Smart Grid R&D Center”, “State Energy Offshore Wind Technology and Equipment R&D Center”, “Power Transmission Conversion and Control Key Lab of MOE”, “Electric Insulation and Thermal Aging Key Laboratory of Shanghai”, “Electric and Electronic Teaching Base of National Basic Science Courses” and “Wind Power Research Center”.


The department is rich in teaching resources, which employed 93 fixed teachers and staff including 1 members of the Chinese academy of Engineering, 3 winners of Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, 1 talent of the National One Thousand Youth Talents Plan, 1 Outstanding Young Teacher in Higher Education Institutions of MOE. There are altogether 20 professors (including researchers) at work, 65% of which hold doctor degrees. 80% of the faculty is under the age of 45. About 800 undergraduates, 500 graduates, 120 doctors and 3 postdoctoral researchers are studying and working at school.  

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